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Hello if you're reading this! Congratulations - nobody has ever recognised "jellyellie" before.
You have truly made our week, and I'm so jealous that I wasn't there with my dad too :-). I would love to hear from you - please reply in this thread or email me.

Want to know what happened? Read the story here.


Latest media update

There have been a number of articles in the newspapers recently focusing on a sinister use of bluejacking carried out by a minority of people, including the sending of violent images and videos via Bluetooth. To make our position absolutely clear we have always promoted bluejacking as a fun and harmless hobby, and we are 100% against the sending of messages via Bluetooth that could in any way worry, upset or distress the recipient.
As our code of ethics posted in 2003 has always made clear, we totally discourage the sending of upsetting messages. This new phenomenon is totally contrary to the spirit bluejackQ has always promoted; bluejacking should be fun, harmless, and done in the way that doesn't upset people. If you don't want to be bluejacked, follow our instructions in the FAQ to turn off Bluetooth on your phone.
Been bluejacked? Want to learn more?
To your left you will find numerous links explaining everything about bluejacking - what it is, how it's done, and lots of tips and tricks to help you bluejack.
Once you've browsed these, take a look at the best forum threads to get you started on the forums. Don't forget to register, and let us know if you've been bluejacked!
Software downloads page updated
Broken links have been fixed, so head on down and choose a bluejacking program for your device!
What is bluesnarfing?
Heard about bluesnarfing and bluejacking in the news recently? Don't get the two confused - bluejacking is legal and fun, whereas bluesnarfing is illegal. Read bluejackQ's bluesnarfing article.

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