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Nec E616

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Avg Rating: 6 / 10

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Special Features: 3G; – supports data upload of 64kbps and download of 384 kbps
2.5G – supports Class B8 GPRS
Two integrated cameras • CIF – 100k
Camera light – for low light conditions
Supports video telephony in 3G service area
Supports a wide range of image, audio and video file formats (GIF, PNG, BMP, WBMP, JPG, JFIF, JPE, JPEG, MIDI, MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, ASF, MPEG4 Video, 3GP, & WMV format)
Video recorder and playback
Full Internet browsing accessed via dedicated ‘3’ key
Media Player – download and play/view audio, video and image content
Synchronisation of data – possible between your e616 and PC
JavaTMdownload – play JavaTMgames and use JavaTM applications
Send video clips, audio and photos with MMS
Streaming of audio and video
Streaming Codec support: Audio (AMR Narrowband, AAC) Video (MPEG4 + AMR/AAC audio)
Windows Media Audio/Windows Media Video format support for playback
A-GPS built in for location-enabled services
BluetoothTM (Headset & Dial-up Networking profile only)

General Features: Calculator;
Currency converter
To Do
Clock and alarm
Customisable profiles including: Normal, Meeting, Car and Pocket
Silent vibrate alert
Predictive (T9) text input
Image viewer
Call memo to record conversions
Voice recorder
Stereo/Mono headset support
Dial lock facility
Internal antenna
40 chord polyphonic ringtones
Pre-stored and downloadable alerts and polyphonic ringtones
Pre-stored and user-composed/ downloaded images for wallpaper pictures and standby screen

Cameras: Integral; front and back mounted cameras
Easy to select between front and back camera
2 x digital zoom
Variable picture quality
Variable picture size
Camera light and adjustable white balance

Display/Indication: Display; size 35 x 43mm (240 x 176 pixels)
65,536 colours
Call duration indicator
Graphical user interface – icondriven
Quick menu
Dual image video call display
Desktop shortcut icons

Memory: 19MB; dynamic phone memory
Up to 128MB Sony MemoryStick DuoTM support
4MB maximum for MMS inc. SMS and email
960KB (96 x 10) maximum for JAVATM applications
Text memos for 5000 characters (9 x 512)
Extra downloaded ringtones
Usercomposed/downloaded wallpaper pictures
Up to 500 contacts in the phones including: Name; Alternate name (nickname); Telephone number; Email address; Ringtone settings for voice calls, video calls, or text messages; LED indicator settings including colour and pattern for different call types, images or photos for incoming calls; Memory status display; Dialled/received call lists (max 20 for each)

Calling: Incoming; voice/video call alert
In-call record
In-call DTMF
Audio redial

Supplementary Services: Call; barring
Call forwarding
Call hold
Call waiting
Calling line presentation
Calling line identification restriction
SIM application toolkit

Basic Information: Dimensions;: 103x53x26.4mm
Volume: Max 120cc
Weight: Max 131g
Battery: 780mAh Li-Ion

Accessories: Standard; battery and high capacity battery
Mono headset
USB cable
Mains charger
Plug adaptor
Sony MemoryStick DuoTM
PC Tools
Utilities CD-ROM








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