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Bluejacking Stories

Lots of great, exciting bluejacking stories to keep you in stitches!

  Story name Author/bluejacker
  bluejacking encounter at London's Waterloo train station *pictures of jellyellie & her victim* jellyellie
  Spuddy's bluejacking story Spuddy
  bluejacking experiences in Brighton Cyberwitch
  bluejacking encounter in a mobile phone shop jellyellie
  scotsboyuk's bluejacking encounter in Glasgow scotsboyuk
  bluejacking in a restaurant jellyellie
  The Caleb Goodyear story jellyellie
Daaaaaangermouse! Dangermouse
'In da pub' fulani
bluejacking a computer connected to a screen in a big arena kinkydan
Munks' first bluejack Munks
A classic bluejack on the Metro Vanquish
Everyday bluejacking with a super cool message sx1h4x0r
Hello stranger... Prosody
Free latte, sir? OmegaX
An awesome bunch of train'jackings with pictures! kinkydan
No phones in the panto! Tau
The family enjoy bluejacking too! kinkydan
Bluejacking in Australia B0mBjAcK
Celebrity bluejacking homersbrain
Those clumsy bluejackers NPD
  Bluejacking in an Australian chemist Stuart_AUST
  A Lithuanian bluejack bjfan2
  Bluejacking Mecca jellyellie

Stories added during the Christmas special








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