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PS2: Need for Speed: Carbon DEMO Review
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I didn't know if i should put this in the entertainment section or in here, but since i havn't writen in ages i've put it here Wink

Yesterday i got my hands on the ps2 demo for need for speed: carbon, two months before UK release. It's been tweeked abit since most wanted (which i rented out on the same day just so i could see any differences) but has many good things from it kept in. ok, first off you get to pick one of three cars, A Black and Gold Lambo Gallargo, A Red and white Lancer Evolution MR (like off TFATF: tokyo drift, but that's not the only thing copied off the movie...) and a blue Camaro SS.

The first main difference from previous NFS games is AutoSculpt, where you can change the angle of your spoiler or the distance between each spoke on your rims, basicaly it's like create a wrestler mode from a wrestling game where you can change how low the eybrows are etc. but if the wrestler is a car you have AutoSculpt.

The next main difference is that you are not alone when your behind the wheel, you have a team behind the scenes who can do your dirty work for you like block up a road but you can still do that yourself like on most wanted by driving through designated posts and petrol stations.

Another thing copied from Tokyo Drift is the end level which i'll get to in a sec. to get to the end level you must finnish two races, a circuit and a drift, at super human speeds so the demo doesn't finnish before you do (which is very annoying when doing a drift race)!. When you do get to the last race you are at the top of a canyon road and as the game says, there are two ways to get to the bottom, one hurts. If you pick the Camaro SS you are basicaly playing the final race on tokyo drift (Spioler: not the one with vin diesel in, i'm on about the race before).

Basicaly you have yourself a game with very little gameplay changes that i can see from the bit i have played, but if you like changing EVERYTHING about your car to the very finest detail, this game is for you.

_________________ now with a new look and MORE news!

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PS2: Need for Speed: Carbon DEMO Review
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