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Bluejacking Stories

Location: Waterloo Station, London | Date: -
Posted by: jellyellie | Bluejackers device: Sony Ericsson T610

I was particularly looking forward to this school inset day as I was going to London with my dad. I knew, of course, that many great bluejacking opportunities would be in store.

Long before I owned any Bluetooth device I had equipped my dad with all of the knowledge he'd need to bluejack someone himself. Why? Because, of course, I wanted him to buy me a T610 for my birthday, and I threw all the plus-points of owning one at him. Bluejacking opportunities included.

So, with a day to London planned, my T610 in my pocket, and my dad & his camera sitting next to me, I couldn't wait to get off the train coming into Waterloo. As soon as our feet reached the end of the platform and stepped into the main area of Waterloo station, my T610 was whipped from my pocket by a young-looking hand belonging to... wait, me?! You see, the adrenaline rushes I get from bluejacking are incredible... that's got to be proof; I took my phone out of my pocket without even realising!

Of course, the first thing I did was my heavily practiced routine of Contacts- Hello- Send via BT. At least 5 devices should appear when I searched, I thought. By my judgement, the station was quite packed, but I was hastily reminded, by my well-travelled-on-the-London-trains-father, upon speaking this thought that I'd never experienced this most important station in England during the manic rush hour. Ah. Maybe he had a point...

Anyway, back to that search. Yes! The Bluetooth search returned with precisely 5 victims. Note: From this point on, the adrenaline had taken over so I could not be held responsible for any of my actions, including smiling rather too much. I chose one phone from this list in particular, named 6310i, as I could see a lady in a stripy-pink top extracting her 6310i from her handbag-type-thing.

Ok, here goes, I thought. Meanwhile, I was instructing my dad, who already had his camera out & was snapping away, to be ready to photograph me together with the victim. How little did I know what a great success this would turn out; as soon as I sent the contact, I automatically went into 'alert' status; ears pricked, listening out for that ghastly Nokia message received tone, phone at the ready to send more startling contacts. Not even 10 seconds later, just as I expected, a distinguishable beeping came from the direction of the pink-stripy lady that we had encountered earlier. And, sure enough, it was her phone that I was bluejacking. Pink-stripy lady had just become my first memorable victim.

By now I was in hysterics. Surprisingly this drew the attention of a few other people who saw me with my phone out and a huge grin on my face, and saw pink-stripy top lady with her phone out and a huge confuzzled look on her face. I wouldn't blame her!! I think at that point I had sent her a couple of messages; one including (I don't know why on earth I sent this) 'I like your pink stripy top'. That manage to make a smile appear on her bewildered face!

I causally turned around to face my victim and noticed that she was drawing a bottle of water from her handbag-type-thing. Right, I thought, time for Mr. Photographer!! I had briefed him on his mission, pointed out his subject and told him to get ready. Sometimes the 'ghastly Nokia message received tone' can be a comfort to a young bluejacker, especially when it means that your contact has been received by the victim. In this case, it had meant that pink-stripy top lady was reading my request for a sip of her water. Ha! Even a bigger grin emerged on her face. Un be-known to pink-stripy top lady, she was being photographed in the same shot as her bluejacker.

What an experience! As I began to wonder how many more bluejacking opportunities I would get in the day ahead of me, I was politely reminded by my dad that we didn't come to London to spend a whole day at Waterloo station bluejacking. Maybe one day though, just maybe.








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