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How to get an avatar on the forums
Avatars! Yes, we've all got our avatars and you can have one too! All you need to do is update your forum profile with all of the required information shown and your avatar will be automatically enabled, allowing you to link to an image of your choice on the internet to set as your avatar!

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Remember, it's free to register! It takes no longer than it does to fill a standard glass with acorns (yes, acorns), so what have you got to lose? Sign up here now and become a member of the bluejackQ forum!

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Need some help figuring out how to bluejack with your phone? Want to share a bluejacking experience you've had? Post it on our forums and you'll be sure to get a warm response.

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"The bluejackQ forums are a wonderful place for asking about any bluejacking-related queries, or just general chat about bluejacking, Bluetooth® and mobile phones."

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