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Bluejacking Code of Ethics

a) The 'bluejacker' is the individual carrying out the bluejack.
b) The 'victim' is the individual receiving the bluejack.

Code of Ethics
1.1) Bluejackers will only send messages/pictures. They will never try to 'hack' a device for the purpose of copying or modifying any files on any device or upload any executable files. By hacking a device you are commiting an offence under the computer misuse act 1990, which states it is an offence to obtain unauthorised access to any computer. changes in this law soon will cover all mobile devices including phones.

1.2) Any such messages or pictures sent will not be of an insulting, libelous or pornographic nature and will be copyright free or copyrighted by the sender. Any copyright protected images/sound files will only be sent with the written consent of the copyright holder.

1.3) If no interest is shown by the recipient after 2 messages the bluejacker will desist and move on.

1.4) The bluejacker will restrict their activity to 10 messages maximum unless in exceptional circumstances e.g. the continuous exchange of messages between bluejacker & victim where the victim is willing to participate, the last message being a final comment or parting sentiment (perhaps include www.bluejackq.com web address).

1.5) If the Bluejacker senses that he/she is causing distress rather than mirth to the recipient they will immediately decease all activity towards them.

1.6) If a bluejacker is caught 'in the act' he/she will be as co-operative as possible and not hide any details of their activity (honesty is the best policy). They will also point the party in question to this document held at: www.bluejackq.com/codeofethics.asp

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