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Orange HTC C500 iMate Bluejacking Guide


Turn on Bluetooth by pressing Start/Settings/Bluetooth/Bluetooth, and selecting either "on" or "discoverable" then press Done/Done/Done/Home to return to the home screen

2. From the home screen select Start/Contacts then press the left hotkey, now labelled "new".

3. Type your message into the "first name" field and complete any other fields you wish to, but remember that not all phones will recognise the number of fields the C500 does!!

4. When you're finished, select "Done" and you will be returned to the Contacts list.

5. Find your contact by either scrolling down or searching and highlight it.

6. Hit Menu and then "beam contact".

7. You will then see the beaming options screen. "IR will be at the top, with "Align" in the column on the right. Below that, there will be a Magnifying Glass with "Searching" next to it. This is the device searching for Bluetooth devices. When it finds a Bluetooth device it may display the device name or MAC address.

8. Highlight the device and select the left hotkey marked "Beam".

9. The column on the right of the device name should now read "pend". If you have a successful bluejack it will read "done". If the contact is rejected it will display "fail". If the device stays on "pend" for a long time it may be waiting for acceptance, to stop trying to send, highlight it and press the rocker switch in (as if you were trying to select it).

Written by fulani

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