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Introduce yourself
Dr Pepper Addict

Joined: 13 Nov 2020
Posts: 3339
Location: United Kingdom
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Don't by shy, us bluejackers don't bite Very Happy Tell us as much or as little as you like...

I'll start off, just for all you newbies.

The heading under my username <<< says it all, but I'm just gonna point out I'm the admin over here Very Happy I created and run (with a little help from my dad when it gets a tad technical) despite being a mere 13. Oh, and my name's Ellie, jellyellie Very Happy

Bah, that's all boring, mundane stuff I'm sure you already know. Lets move on to some more exciting stuff.

When I'm not moderating you guys and your filthy dirty and somewhat repetitive (only joking, you're a great bunch Wink ) posts on here, I can be found at my local ice rink whizzing round in a sweeeet pair of skates. Basically I like ice skating.

London makes for a great day out, and I love going up there on the train whenever I can - weekend trips, school inset days or I'll even find some time to do some sight-seeing when I'm supposed to be up there for an interview.

Music and I are a funny thing - I like quite a mixture; from Coldplay to Muse, to Hot Action Cop and the Red Hot Chilis, the only thing I truely don't like is manufactured pop.

Heh. Dr Pepper is just such a cool drink, and I'm always including a can of the stuff in strange pictures taken with my cameraphone(s). I've posted these pictures and some other "picture stories" on my personal site that always gets new content,

Ah, talking of the devils - mobile phones. A complete passion of mine, I must have as many as 20, ranging from total bricks to the classy P900. A few of my latest ones include the P900, 6600, T610 and T300. Recently, cameraphones were banned at my school for privacy reasons. Despite fully understanding their reasoning for this, I couldn't bare the thought of a school day without Sparky (my P900). Urged by my dad, I wrote a letter to my headmaster with a few suggestions as to what they could do instead. Success came in assembly on Monday when they announced they are setting a trial period, just as I suggested, to see if us students can be sensible and not take pictures with our cameraphones Cool

I think that's me done... over to you guys Laughing

Congrats to Snoopy for suggesting the idea of an "Introduce yourself" forum... Razz

I need your help!
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Joined: 14 Mar 2020
Posts: 16
Location: United Kingdom
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As I suggeted this I suppose I should say hello......HELLO!
So!.......My name is Snoopy (my names not really snoopy, its an alias) and I'm 30 and I live in Brum and I'm married, with 2 lads and another lad on the way to be expected sometime around june...but we will have to look past her to see when he is coming!

My intrests are (do you want the short or the long version? Whats that? oh, ok then) Anything with lights and/or buttons on which includes the wife cause she has a button..or two
Oh yeah and I also run an online gaming squad and forum.
Oh and I love my car too...cor nearly forgot my pride an joy my GOLF GTI! I would be nowhere without it. (is it possible to be a boy racer at 30?)

My boxer shorts are black...whats that? too much information there? LMAO.

BTW..This has been pasted from another section of the forum and as soon as I find something else interesting about myself.....I will let you know!! lol.

Ok so thats me.....who are you lot and what do you like?

Take care all.


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Joined: 21 Nov 2020
Posts: 1903
Location: Iraq
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Hey Snoopy & all new comers to Razz

My name is Redwolf - i prefer not to divulge my full name on the internet, my address, credit card number, blood type etc - you get the idea Wink

I am 25 in a couple of days time, single, no kids and recently broke up with my girlfriend who i dated for 3 weeks ! Ah the problems of dating work-mates !

I have many interests, including the usual such as football and women like most men my age. Although i love football i didnt really get into it until about 10 years ago, so i dont really support a team. I love to watch pro cycling on TV, and often go mountain biking in my spare time. Im planning to cycle from London to Paris next year for charity. Hopefully i'll have the legs for it !

I love getting into the open air, so walking and hiking are something i want to do in the future when i find the time in my busy life. I like going to the pub for a few hours in the evening, and at lunch times i like to eat in some trendy student bars that offer cheap ale for less dosh ! Surprised

I currently work in retail, and i was recently promoted to administration supervisor. Its a good job but doesnt have the career possibilities a job suited to my qualifications would have, so im looking for a change and a well earned pay rise.

I love all things technology. I have 3 computers, one of which i use as a dedicated server for hosting online games. I play many games online, including Counter Strike ( of which i am a well known name of ), Delta Force: Black Hawk Down ( im in a friends clan, and considered their "best covert op" haha! ), Operation Flashpoint ( i currently play as part of a 40 man elite "infantry unit" ), Raven Shield, Ghost Recon, and i also used to play Rogue Spear ( of which i am a well known name of ). I also play a few of my Playstation 2 games online, although not as seriously as my pc games. If anyone would like to challenge me to to a match on Twisted Metal Black: Online - PM me and i'll open a can of whoop-ass on you ! Surprised

I love phones, of which i have owned 6. I started off with my first phone back in 1996, i cant remember whether it was a Motorola or a Nokia as i sort of ' inherited ' it and never really used it. I then went to to buy a Nokia 5110, a 3210, a Siemens C45, my sexy little T610 and i now have an O2 XDA2 which i use as a PDA/phone combo. Im really looking forward to the new Sony Ericsson S700 which should hopefully land on UK shores before Christmas.

Musically, i have many tastes. I like pop, rock, indy, rap, R&B and even classical ! Im currently listening to REM, Travis ( my favourite bands ), 50 cent, and some other tunes.

My underwear ranges from white, black, grey and blue. Like Snoopy said, nobody will probably be interested in that though.

On to bluejacking.. well i love it. I bluejack people everywhere i go, sending them messages like a crazed idiot. It takes practise, as in the city i live there isnt a large amount of Bluetooth devices to hit but you ' reap the rewards when you dedicate time to the cause - i spent 20 minutes today trying to bluejack ' Optimus Prime ' a Nokia 3650 on the bus with no joy - i'll get him next time as i know who the phone belonged to !

Anyway thats enough about me, i think its time for the next person...

Twisted Evil Twisted Evil REDWOLF Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
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Joined: 01 Jan 2021
Posts: 2554
Location: Ireland
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Well it's my turn now Smile

My name's Carl, it's my birthday next month on the 7th (hint hint Wink ). I like all things to do with technology, and some other junk too. Like a couple of months ago I was hooked on the Mafia and all that stuff so on a rainy day I started up a website about The Sopranos (great TV show), it's .

As you can see from that I'm not a normal person, very warped I am, oh and for the record my boxers are currently blue with Tom & Jerry on them Embarassed .

I've had a good few phones, here's a list in chronological order. Ericsson GF788e, Nokia 3210 (which I had modifed so that it vibrated), Nokia 3330, Nokia 6510, Nokia 6610, Panasonic GD87 (for two weeks, which I swapped for my current phone, that's next on the list), and my trusty Sony Ericsson T610.

No siblings, lots of aunts, uncles and cousins.

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Joined: 23 Nov 2020
Posts: 342
Location: United Kingdom
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im 16, unemployed, have been suggested to go to a psychatrist by 394,285 people (last update 15//03/04), i have a n-gage i live computer game i have developed a great pice of software that could be used by buinesses but no1 will help me test it (interested??? contact me on : ) i have a radio statio nthat is no longer broadcasting ( if that dont work, umm my favorite type of pie is apple wid cream of course, i am spoken for, and on my headstopne i want written:

here lies paul ******
tomorrows nobody

"smoke me a kipper ill
be back for breakfast"

Tomorrows Nobody |||sidetalker|||

patrick moore plays the xylophone

member number 132

song of the moment: mr lif - phantom
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Joined: 27 Dec 2020
Posts: 818
Location: United Kingdom
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Hello there, I am SlyFox.

I am 18, live in Lancashire, UK and attend College studying 4 A-Levels.

I am heading to uni next year, possibly Southampton to do Computer Science but this depends on the grades i get (wish me luck in Summer).

I like a lot of sports; from sailing to mountain biking, as well as football, rugby (i am a northerner) and generally keeping fit.

I use a T68i which is a bit outdated but gets the job done, such as phoning and bluejacking... what more do you need?
If you need a question answering on the T68i I am usually the one who reponds, and if you need more info, just PM me, i will always reply.

I try to bluejack in most places i visit, especially in college. I have also bluejacked in the cinema and hopefully sent some people for "free" popcorn. Wink

I visit this site thrice daily and try to get involved in most conversations but some i decide to sit out.

I am sure you will enjoy the viewing and participating of this site as i have, and a lot of others before and after me have too.

Just introduce yourself, join in some conversations and behave - Just the simple rules to ensuring you enjoy your time on this forum. Very Happy

Stupid is as Stupid does.
*** Currently : Celebjaq Champion of week 1, week 3, week 5, week 9 and week 16! ***
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Joined: 10 Jan 2021
Posts: 2216
Location: United Kingdom
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Hi there I'm Offsight,

Age:26/single So woman if your intrested Wink

My intrests are Hiking and mounting biking mostly on North yorkshire moors where my sister lives and a Pitcher of one of scenerys i taken last year Cool

Also I travil about alot mosty in summer months Like "Lake Districked" as i got a ant that lives there so we stop up there for a week or 2 at times in summer and heres some Pic's from last year,.. going again this year Cool

thats Me on side of Lakes Cool

My ants and some famile, was on hottest week of last year too Cool

A well Ace Ace "Redarrows" show on Lakes, Got lots of movies and pics when there was doing tricks in sky and over lake and next day old army air show The Spitfire as well as other plains taken show by storm Razz , was well ace one of best weeks i ever had of last year Cool

Also go to Irland as i got relatives there too, Pluse been to other placers over sea's like france and spain ect,

My other intrests are playing games online as well as host on some games and do work on zone and other intrests are dogs and Birds as which i have pets to look after Wink and gardening time to time and in to new and intresting stuff like cameras, PC's, Good AI games, and PDA's Phones ect you get the idear can be a geek when it comes to that stuff Laughing

Music New Melow BMG/ Foreign Dance and Rock Music/ Dance/ Mosty in too Rock though.

A intrest in Art as i got that from been out on moors, still would like to paint a woman naked though Very Happy All so do art on anime Toons Smile

Intrest in anime and action movies Cool
as well as wieldlife and animals and Flying aircrafts.
A habbit of collecting stuff from around world.

Me on net......
I got the Name Offsight cos i once keep shooting my team clan mates but its mosty there folt for crossing and run in my line of fire Evil or Very Mad also play with clan on alot of other games on a Privet T4 servers from a friend host on zone, Pluse i'm well known on msn zone as a + pluse got many friends from around world on net and trainers who work for zone UBI and other host sites and Past my C++ for Micorsoft Tools on msn so i now got a Open door if i want to work or join other hosts but for now i'm a MSN mod and a pluse for zone Smile

Anyhow i live in sheffield Englend and on shopping days i carnt go without my trusty P900 to Bluejack with, So if you been bluejacked by just chance it may have been meeeeeeeeee Twisted Evil

My P900, Never leave home without it Laughing
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Joined: 08 Mar 2020
Posts: 42
Location: United Kingdom
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My Turn, My Turn!!!! Laughing

My name's Daf (Pronounced Dav), I'm 24 and a negotiator from North Wales. I like technology and music, I love singing so much I sometimes think I'm living in one big musical!!!

I'm a bit eccentric as my hair shows (brown with blonde polka dots) and my boxers are currently grey with homer simpson drinking duff.

I've some good bad and ugly phones, I'll try remembering them all, but can't promise I'll remember them all: I started with a nokia ringo, then it was the damn ugly phillips that I can never remember the model number of. then it was the first trium, motorola timeport, 3210, v50, 8210, 3510, a920, 3100, a920(yes, another one!!), v300, p800, z600.

Currently rehearsing for Oliver, getting ready for regional final of wannabe 2004 and planning my wedding. : Very Happy

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Joined: 13 Mar 2020
Posts: 135
Location: United Kingdom
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Hello everyone,

I'm new here, to forums in general, and I have a hangover. So please forgive me if the following doesn't flow.

Ok, here's some stuff about me.
I'm 30, not married but have a girlfriend who currently lives in Hamburg. I live in South London and work as a freelance Film Editor, mainly working on adverts and music videos.

I'm currently listing to the music of Bert Kaempfert, Eminem and John Lennon.

My username 'Calidad', is a word I saw written on a box of cigar matches that were next to me when I was asked to enter a username. I have since discovered that it's probably a spanish word meaning 'Quality'.

I thought The Matrix Reloaded was one of the worst films...........ever.

My mobile phone history started about 12 years ago when someone bought me a phone. I can't remember what make it was but it was very very small, had a flip down arm to speak into and no screen. Then I had nothing for a few years until I bought myself a Bosch thing with a blue screen. After that, I upgraded to the Sony J5e when it first came out and kept that until just before Christmas when I got a Sony Ericsson P900.

I like squash, sailing, formula 1 and making hi-tech stuff do things they weren't ment to.

I love Robinsons Lemon Barley Water, smoking Camel and my girlfriend.
In that order is always good.

Righty-ho, I hope all that makes sense.

One last thing, I have a question for Cypher. What do you negotiate?

There are three intolerable things in life - cold coffee, lukewarm champagne, and overexcited women.
Orson Welles
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Joined: 23 Mar 2020
Posts: 12
Location: United Kingdom
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Hi, my names Nes (nickname anyway), i'm 21 & from Wolverhampton.
My fav colour is green, I enjoy going clubbing & have been all over the place doing so (Hayle, London, Leicester, Glasgow, Blackpool, Birmingham & more to come Wink ).
I'm new to Bluejacking, got my 6600 just before Christmas & did a search which came up with this ace site. Before my Nokia 6600, I had a 3330, & prior to that a bulky Motorola & Vodafone.
Am getting a couple of mates together to go on a bluejacking mission in the City Centre soon, should be fun.
Because of all the clubbing, I enjoy peaceful holidays in Cornwall to get away from it all. & finally, I've just got engaged on Saturday Smile

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Joined: 16 Jan 2021
Posts: 121
Location: United Kingdom
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Hello Jackers new and old I am Retribution03
I am 32 yrs old Married with 2 boys my I work for a transport company where my job title is Hgv driver but i very rarely go out driving now more loading and office work and spending most of the day at home buy hey they wanna pay me x amount of pounds for doing nothing thats their buisness.I dont wear boxers more of a brief man myself and mine are black at the moment.I love the internet football(lfc) watching and playing(local saturday league)the phones i have had are ..some crap thing i bought yrs ago so work could get in touch then had a 3210 i loved that phone it never let me down.then i had a 3510 another great phone but my then baby son kept putting the bottom of it in his mouth it stopped working and when i opened it up found mushy biscuit got it working again but decided i wanted a new type of phone so decided on a motorola v500 which my wife bought me for xmas.
and thats about all there is to know Very Happy

You know when you've been BLUEJACKED
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Joined: 16 Feb 2020
Posts: 30
Location: United Kingdom
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Suppose I better join in then!

Im 19, live in scotland and i'm single, always on the look out for a tidy female!

I love football, my pc and bluejacking!

Any thing else you want to know pm me!

Ps please visit my website

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Joined: 31 Dec 2020
Posts: 276
Location: United Kingdom
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Freaky's my name but not by nature!

Real names Paul, 28, from Plymouth originally then moved to Oxford where I've been for four years! Graduated from UWE, Bristol in 98 having done a Town Planning degree! Yep that's right Planning............never mind!

Anyway I'm now an Administrator for a big Halls of Residence (Oxford Brookes Uni) so have plenty of students to bluejack.

I'm a drunkard when not on here but am trying to get a bit fit for the summer! Thank god for daylight saving!

Found through the 3650 forums, which i believe Markus was on with a link....I think!

Have a 3650 but it's nearly near my contract end so any suggestions (PM's) I think a 6600 or it's newest version may be in order! Been on here since new year and already my mates are annoyed by my bluejacking....guess they just don't get it! Very Happy

What's a bygone? Well it's a gone that's...Oh, It's a thing that's gone by isn't it?

Celebjaq Champion Week 19! Yahoo!
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Don't get me started :-)

Joined: 29 Mar 2020
Posts: 263
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I can ramble on for hours so I'll try and make this short(ish).

My name is Steve Smith (hence stevesm) I picked up the 'stevesm' in a previous job where it was given to me by a sys-admin and I've used it ever since.

I've been into computers forever, I collect them. I've got LOADS of them squirreled away including <geek>the rather rare Sinclair ZX80 and MK-14</geek>. I did have a website documenting them at - The Old Computer Archive but the machine crashed bigtime and I lost it all. Hopefully it'll be back soon.

I've only owned 3 phones. My first was a Mitsubishi Trium Geo which I bought because I wanted to play with WAP. Then I bought my friends Nokia 7110 off him and last Sunday I bought myself a Motorola A835. After finding out about bluejacking I wanted a bt enabled phone and I also wanted to sample 3G.

I 'work' in a computer shop locally which suits me because I have to pick up my daughter from school most days at 3:00pm The owner of the shop lets me 'hang out', do some paid work and occasionally open up. Oh, locally is Crayford near Dartford, in case anyone wants to bluejack me Wink

I'm really trying not to waffle here Very Happy

My hobbies include: Computers (suprise, suprise), Amateur Radio (Like CB but with Exams and Morse Code), Music and Photography (see

I love the idea of bluejacking although I see some problems with it: but I'm trusting to good human nature. Personally, I hope I never alarm anyone unnecessarily and I hope I meet people through it.

Lastly, I want to publicly thank jellyellie for a fantastic website and a great forum.

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Joined: 06 Apr 2020
Posts: 75
Location: Luxembourg
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Now comes i.

Well im basically lazy although i am not a slob as i have a loony gym teacher who makes us work like there is no tommorow my favorite hobbys are: bluejacking,computers ,and reading(in order of best liked to least liked). I speak : French, German, English, Romanian and am slowly learning japanese.

I am as high-tech as i can be:P. I hang around outside looking from targhets aged from 5 to 9999999. I have a SE Z600. and well, thats it, oh and one more thing my ultimate goal(in bluejacking) is to get ellie when she is unaware.

Please sign on the dotted line(or at least somewhere near):

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Introduce yourself
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