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Location: Vilnius, Lithuania | Date: January 20th 2005
Posted by: bjfan2 | Bluejackers device: Unknown

Me and my friend were killing time in a hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania the other day. Nothing much to do, we decided to go and try to find a few victims. We started in the lobby, scanned, found some MANs and headed to sky bar. First thing I found stepping out of the lift was a nice K700i. "I can see you", I sent, looking around who might be the owner of the phone. There was a businessman sitting at the bar and having beer with his friend. He started looking around suspiciously and had absolutely no idea what was going on.

Since its a place with a lot of "girls selling their bodies" I then sent him "meet me at lifts". 20 seconds later the guy stood up, walked up to the lifts and soon came back. I was watching him coming and looking really puzzled and confused. Believe me, it was rather difficult not to burst laughing! The funniest thing was that he must have either explained the situation to his friend or found a good excuse to go to the lifts.

I then tried to send him "I am the blond by the window", but his K700 did not accept any more. Too bad.







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