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Bluejacking Stories

Location: Brighton UK | Date: October 2003
Posted by: Cyberwitch | Bluejackers device: Sony Ericsson T68i

Ellie and I were just outside a shopping centre in town and she was searching for a victim near where we were sitting. She came up with a contact; some Nokia, I'm not sure which one. We found out a few minutes later that our victim (who showed an un-canny resemblance to Alan Ford) was sitting in Starbucks with his wife.

After they'd left Starbucks, we followed the couple all over town for about 30mins. He couldn't understand what was happening to him and was looking around all over the place for his bluejacker! We went up and down, around in circles, dodging his stare; quite literally, up in lifts, down on escalators!

He was talking with his wife (who also had her Nokia out), trying to work out how this ingenious trick had been played on him. The pair were asking around in the shopping centre, and even spoke to a security guard; we got a tad worried at this point! Up and down the streets we roamed when we finally could follow no more, when he walked off to his car.

It was a massive laugh and he was the perfect victim! I would definitely recommend bluejacking for a great day out!







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