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Bluejacking Stories

Location: Food court, local shopping centre | Date: 10th January 2004
Posted by: jellyellie | Bluejackers device: Sony Ericsson P900

Of course no trip to McDonalds would be complete without searching the area for Bluetooth devices, so the first thing I did when we sat down was to take out Sparky and fire up SMan. One name popped up – ‘Caleb Goodyear’. I sent off the usual messages - “jellyellie bluejacked you” “Go to bluejackQ.com” but failed to spot my victim. There was a guy sitting with his mate flashing around an N-Gage on the table in front of mine, so I put my money on him as the person I was bluejacking. Just to be sure, I sent Caleb Goodyear “Ur shoe is undone” expecting the guy with the N-Gage to look down at his shoe. I got better than that though… upon receiving the message, “Caleb” proceeded to read it out to his friend. From here on in, Caleb showed everything I sent him to his mate.

I knew the capabilities of the N-Gage would allow me to send pictures as well, so I sent Caleb a picture of a giant cookie I ate in Starbucks a week or two back. He was quite amused when he saw it, and my brother could overhear him saying something to his friend about sending something back to me. That’s exactly what he went on to do… I wasn’t too impressed with his choice of picture though. A naked woman. Great. I instantly sent him “im a girl you perv” and that certainly sparked a few laughs between Caleb and his friend. My mum was impressed by my on-the-spot thinking that resulted in the “im a girl you perv” message. She also suggested that I keep the picture of the naked woman to show to my dad.

I took a picture of Caleb and his friend, but obviously didn’t send it to them whilst we were still in the same place as where I took it or they would have worked out where I was sitting from the angle of the picture. When we got up to leave I went and hid round a corner, making sure I could still find “Caleb Goodyear”. Then I sent him the picture I took earlier. He showed it to his mate and in perfect synchronisation they both looked round to the table in the corner where I was sitting just a few minutes ago.

With both of them looking utterly confused, I sent Caleb my email address and told him to email me. Maybe he will be the first person to ever contact me after being bluejacked by me. I’m really surprised that out of what must be about 50 people I have bluejacked with the link "bluejackQ.com", nobody has got in touch with me/posted on the bluejackQ forum saying they were bluejacked by me.

I wonder if "Caleb Goodyear" will email me...







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