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Bluejacking Stories

Location: The Carchone Warehouse, Surrey UK | Date: 30th October 2003
Posted by: Jellyellie | Bluejackers device: Sony Ericsson T610

Take a bluejacker, put them in a mobile phone shop with a couple of Bluetooth phones on display, and you'll never be able to tear them away.

I was that bluejacker. The Carphone Warehouse was the mobile phone shop. Nokia's new N-Gage was the Bluetooth phone on display. Last but not least, my mum and brother were the people trying to get me to leave.

As soon as I stepped into The Carphone Warehouse, I saw a couple of blokes mucking about on two N-Gages on display. My immediate reaction was to whip out my T610 and take a picture of them. I did, and I proceeded to search the shop for Bluetooth devices. Finding a phone named 'Simon' didn't give me a clue about what model phone i t was, and therefore I didn't know whether or not it would be able to accept my picture. Sure enough though, it sent without any glitches. I could easily make out the infamous message received tone coming from the direction of the N-Gage stand.

'Simon' was obviously the name of one of the N-Gages, so I turned (as casually as my bright yellow jumper allowed for) to face these two guys, now huddled around the N-Gage on the right. Upon receiving a picture of themselves in the same spot as they were still in, the immediate reaction of one of the men was to walk out of the shop. Wondering if the remaining guy would stay in the shop or join his friend, I made my way closer to the stand. I think it must have been my laughter that drew his attention to me. I tried looking away but I simply couldn't; the looks on his puzzled face were addictive.

Even as he made his way to join his mate outside the shop, I still wasn't sure if they knew I was the one who sent the picture. I must make a point of not wearing a bright yellow top next time I'm out bluejacking.







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