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Bluejacking Stories

Location: Outside a restaurant, Surrey | Date: 5th November 2003
Posted by: jellyellie | Bluejackers device: Sony Ericsson P900

Using SMan, I set my bluejacking message to 'Have a nice pizza!' as I was in Pizza Express, a restaurant in my local town. I was disappointed by the lack of Bluetooth devices that appeared in the restaurant; in fact I don't think I successfully bluejacked anybody.

After the meal, we walked outside and went over to the window of another busy restaurant to see if there were any Bluetooth devices in range. I searched, and a 'Nokia 6310i' was listed. SMan automatically sent it 'Have a nice pizza' as that was what my message was set to from the bluejacking in Pizza Express.

There were a bunch of people sitting by the window, talking and having fun. One of the men took his phone out, looked at it and laughed, then showed his mates. As he was sitting with his back to me I managed to see his phone screen, which showed the message I had just sent him.

I instructed SMan to send the message 'Mmm champagne' because he was drinking champagne. Then I went to the jotter on Sparky (my P900) and wrote 'had a nice pizza? it was me! bluejackQ.com'. The man must have been a bit suspicious of me anyway as I was hanging around outside, and both my brother and I had our phones out. My victim turned to face me so I held my P900 up to the window and he read the jotter note, looked confused, pointed at me and showed his mates.

They were all laughing and obviously took it in a good-humoured way. They were the sort of people that are every bluejacker's dream; laughing at your messages and sharing the joke with their friends. Let's just hope we see more of them as bluejacking becomes a bigger part of our everyday lives.







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