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Bluejacking Stories

Bluejacking Stories

Location: Train to Waterloo | Date: 19th April 2005
Posted by: jellyellie | Bluejacker's device: Sony Ericsson P900

A journey on a train, a day in London. Welcome to bluejacking Mecca.

Looking for a seat as we squashed into the crowded 10:41 to London, my friend Stephen and I spotted an empty baggage shelf at the back of the carriage and made our way over to it. Sitting down on the shelf, I whipped out Sparky and did a search.

Stephen was well aware of bluejacking and he understood the process, but I had never been successful in giving him a live demonstration before. Today, I thought, I would make sure Stephen lost his 'bluejacking cherry', as it has come to be known as.

"Come on, come on... please, find something!". Stephen shared my anticipation for a device to appear on Sparky's screen; this would be the perfect location for a bluejack. Sitting on the baggage shelf at the back of the carriage, we were a little higher than the normal sitting level. This gave us a perfect view over the seats in front of us.

"YES!", Stephen & I shouted in unison when 'Nokia 6310i' appeared on Sparky's screen. Realising we'd just drawn unwanted attention to ourselves, I tore my glance from Sparky and hid him out of view. I couldn't give myself away before I'd even sent a message! When people had stopped looking at us, I told Stephen the 'extra-specialness' of discovering a 6310i: "That's the phone every bluejacker dreams of appearing on their screen. 6310is are the easiest phones to bluejack, as they accept the contact automatically and beep really loudly!"

The adrenaline rush came as I sent the first message to my victim. "boo!", it read, a simple opener allowing me to locate my victim. A couple of seconds later, and a familiar message tone was audible from a few seats in front of us. Taking out his 6310i, my victim looked perplexed as he showed the message to friends he was traveling with.

I sent off a second message, this time referring to the gentleman's coffee; "niceCoffee?" I sent, and a few seconds later it was received. My victim took out his phone for a second time, and his friends were looking at their phones too, obviously wondering why they hadn't received these funny messages as well. Just to let them know I was aware of their confusion and of my proximity to them, I sent a final message: "puzzled?". By this point they were thoroughly confused as to where the messages were coming from!

The adrenaline still pumping furiously round my body, I wanted to put the icing on the cake for Stephen's first bluejack... I jumped down from the baggage shelf, walked over to my victim and introduced myself: "Hello! Have you just received some weird messages? Yes..? Ah! That was me! I'm jellyellie, and I run bluejackQ, the world's first website dedicated to bluejacking...", and I had a nice chat with my amiable victim and his friends until the train pulled in to Waterloo.


Looking for a seat as we squashed into the crowded 21:47 back home, my friend Stephen and I spotted an empty row of seats at the back of the carriage and made our way over to them. Sitting down, I whipped out Sparky and did a search.


Not to worry, we both thought. This morning's bluejack was an exceptionally good one, and a fantastic start to Stephen's bluejacking career. We wouldn't be so greedy as to want another bluejack in the same day; no, we were most content with our earlier escapade.

Long live trains, the true bluejacking Mecca.







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