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Bluejacking Stories

Location: Glasgow | Date: November 2003
Posted by: scotsboyuk | Bluejackers device: Sony Ericsson P900

I was in the city centre last week and decided to do a scan. I found three Nokias and a PDA. Glancing around I caught sight of two young lads sitting on some steps eating their lunch. I was sitting in a cafe just across from them, having just finished my own lunch and by then enjoying a very nice lunchtime cigar.

Deciding that I would rather enjoy my cigar than bluejack I went to put my phone away. Suddenly I heard a snippet of conversation come from the two lads - I put it down to a sixth sense I have developed wherever my beloved P900 is concerned - the world 'bluejack' was mentioned. Suddenly I could see the boy glancing over at another two boys walking towards them, both of whom were holding Bluetooth enabled Nokias in their grimy little paws. Seeing that they were calling in reinforcements for a massive Bluetooth strike I decided that it was time for action. Maybe it was the cigar or maybe it was the Chateneuf du Pape, but suddenly I felt like Churchill preparing to go into battle against the Bosch.

I pulled Plucky from my jacket pocket and opened her up. I could see blue flashing lights on one the lad's phones, he had just enabled Bluetooth! Quickly initiating SMan I decided that only a devastating strike against them would be sufficient to ensure that liberty, freedom and the rights of adults prevailed here. SMan calmly initiated a scan, searching for its targets amongst the youthful swine daring to attack my beloved Plucky.

A wicked smile crept onto my face as I saw the results of my decision. I had pushed the button and unleashed Armageddon! The lads started glancing around as their phones beeped and vibrated. Their expressions were priceless as they realized that their meager arsenal was no match for my far more awesome deterrent. I had sent them a message 'Don't even try sonny'. I smiled as they glanced about, finally it dawned upon them that it was me.

Motioning to the waiter I ordered another glass of wine and got my cigar relit, so as to toast my victory. Pulling my Mont Blanc from my pocket I waited in anticipation for what remained of their pathetic force to come over and sign their surrender.








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