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Location: Australia | Date: March 11th 2005
Posted by: Stuart_AUST | Bluejackers device: Unknown

Yeah!! I just returned from my latest bluejacking Trip!
Ok, I went to Gateways ( one of my local shopping centres) to return a book which is 1 week overdue, but, also to do some heavy Bluetooth scans.

Anyways, went to chemist first with my mum. I was thinking of going to library, but decided to stay with mum for a minute.

While she was getting her prescription, I stepped out, Anyways, after only picking up the photo machine, i did a second scan a minute later from a bit closer range. I picked up a Nokia 8910. I sent my staple opener 'I can see you' and expected another failure, contact sent. Less than a second later, I hear that oh so familiar Beep-Beep, Beep-Beep. I saw the lady being served at the kodak shop ( next to the photo machine,) take out her black 8910 and check it. Although I couldn't see her face, I saw the lady that was serving her look puzzled. I was excited, more than humoured. (I have a picture of her, taken just after she put back her phone)
I created a contact saying 'Photo's huh? It must be a kodak moment', but before I could send, she was gone.

This was in the first 10 minutes of being there. I picked up about 15 other phones, but was unsuccessful in jacking them.

the most inventive name I found was
:arrow: Mad Zombie

i started saying 'I'm a mad zombie man!' but no one seemed to notice.

I continuously picked

up nokia 7610 and 7610a's (WTF?) but was unsuccessful in each attemp. Also got a Nokia 6230 a number of times, but could never jack the thing. After 2 attempts I got pissed off at it and never bothered to try to jack it again.









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