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Talk the Talk

You want to talk the talk? Walk the walk? Sorry, I got a bit carried away there... there's no 'walk the walk' involved in bluejacking (well, there's 'run the run' when your victim turns nasty). However, I can definitely teach you how to talk the talk. Just take a look below to find out all of the bluejacking lingo.

Bluejacker: Name given to a person during the time they are involved in an exchange

bluejacking: Arh!! I'm ashamed! Go here, quickly, before jellyellie catches you!!

bluejackQ: This website. For the less-Einstein-like of you, it reads as "bluejack you"

bluejacking encounter: Same as 'exchange' but can be used in all tenses

Bluetooth: A short range wireless data connection

Contact: Phone book contact which is sent during an exchange

Encounter: The time in which the bluejacker is bluejacking their victim

Exchange: The period in which the bluejacker sends contacts via Bluetooth to their victim. 'Exchange' is often used in the past tense, e.g. "During my exchange I sent a picture to my victim"

Reveal: When the bluejacker makes themselves known to their victim

Victim: Name given to the person whose Bluetooth enabled device is being bluejacked

If there are any bluejacking-related words which you've come across, either on this website or anywhere else, feel free to email jellyellie and she'll be more than pleased to add it to this list and offer you a definition.









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