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Bluejacking tips and tricks

Here are some ideas for contacts you can bluejack people with:
Name: The Devil
Mobile number: 666
Email: thedevil@hell.com

Name: "Make of victim's phone" suck, buy "make of your phone"!
Email: You've-just-been-bluejacked-by-"your name"

Some good places to bluejack:
- Busy shopping centre
- Starbucks
- Train Station
- High Street
- On a train/ tube/ bus
- Cinema
- Café/ restaurant/ pub
- Mobile phone shop
- Electronics shop (e.g. Dixons)

In case it all goes wrong:
If you manage to identify your victim and they are looking angry rather than puzzled & confused, jellyellie's advise is to run, not walk, in the opposite direction!

The Reveal:
'The Reveal' is what it all comes down to in the end. It is what your messages have been building up to, and it's certainly the climax of your exchange.

If you know who your victim is, when it's time for you to leave the area send them a contact saying something like "Listen out for 'parrot'". Then, as you walk past them, say (loudly) to yourself "I hope my parrot will be OK!" That will definitely get their attention (tried, tested and proven by jellyellie).










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