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Why Bluejacking?

'Bluejacking' didn't simply arise from nowhere. It had to be made up somehow. 'ajack' on the Esato mobile phone forums discovered the art of bluejacking many months ago, and since then it has taken off.

At one point in time, when bluejacking was a fresh topic, it didn't have just one name. About half of the people talking about what we now call bluejacking once called it 'ajacking'. However, it was soon realised that 'bluejacking' had a lot more to do with Bluetooth, so it just stuck as bluejacking.

I will break the word 'bluejacking' down for you so it's easier for you to understand how bluejacking got its name.


blue is taken from Bluetooth, the technology bluejacking uses.

is derived from both "ajack" and "hijacking" even thought bluejacking does not resemble hijacking - there is no accessing or taking private data from your victim's device.








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