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O2 XDA / MDA2 & iMate Bluejacking Guide


1. Click the Windows / Start icon
2. Select Contacts
3. Select the pre-made contact with the message you want to send
4. In the list that appears, tap and hold the message you want to send, and in the popup box that appears select Beam Contact. If you want to send more than one contact, tap and hold a contact then drag and highlight all the contacts you want to send.
5. On the screen that appears, your message(s) will be displayed, followed by the prompt To beam, select a device. In the list below, any found Infra Red devices will be listed as a red icon, and any Bluetooth devices will be listed as a blue wave icon.
6. Any found devices will be displayed as a MAC address ( 12 digits long ), then after a few seconds the address will change to the devices Bluetooth name if it can be found. To the right of each found device you will see the message Tap to send - simply tap the devices you want to send your message(s) to.
7. Once tapped, the XDA2 will then say Pending while connection is setup, followed by Sending 1/1, followed by Done. The 1/1 bit means you are sending 1 contact out of 1 selected. So if you wanted to send 20 bluejacks, it would say 1/20, then 2/20, 3/20. This should happen very rapidly.
8. Your XDA2 will continue searching until you tell it to stop, so you can sit there all day until either you get bored or the battery runs out. Simply keep tapping to send whenever a device comes into range.
9. To finish bluejacking, simply click OK at the top of the screen.

Written by Redwolf

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