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Bluejacking Stories

Location: A pub | Date: - 4th November 2004
Posted by: Fulani | Bluejackers device: C500

Sometimes the simplest ones are the best...

I was in a pub on Thursday night, Mobiluck [a bluejacking program found here] vibrates in my pocket to tell me that there is a 6310i in range. So I send "hi 6310i" to it. A guy on the table opposite pulls his phone out of his pocket, and looks puzzled. He shows his mates and they all look puzzled.

As soon as he puts his phone back in his pocket I send "what you drinking?". This time he stands up and looks around... his mates still have no idea and discuss what it could be amongst themselves.

Next I send "free drink at the bar with this message" while they're looking at it. The owner of the phone grabs it back and runs up to the bar. The barstaff of course have no idea and he comes back looking upset.

As we left he got up and walked in the direction of the loos, so I sent "have a nice wee" as we walked past :-D







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