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Bluejacking Stories

Location: Theatre | Date: 18th December 2004
Posted by: Tau | Bluejackers device: HP Ipaq 1940

Tonight I went to a panto (Alladin) with my girlfriend and our 6 year old. Whilst there I couldn't resist running a scan (my phone was on silent of course).

I found several phones come up, all Nokias, whose model numbers escape me (I really don't like Nokias!).

Anyway, I couldn't resist sending the message "He's behind you!" to all of them, 2 of which were accepted and 1 of which I heard being received 2 seats in front of me. The guy in front turned around looking for where it had come from and finally spotted me as I couldn't contain my grin.

My girlfriend who is well up to date with bluejacking laughed too, but then told me to put my phone away and enjoy the panto!







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