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Bluejacking Stories

Location: St Albans| Date: August 2004
Posted by: Kinkydan | Bluejackers device: Unknown

My visit to Costco! After heading there in the hope of getting as good a laptop deal as a colleague had got on a Sony digicam, and finding all three laptops didn't match my requirements, I thought I'd actually spend some time bluejacking whilst my family bought 96-packs of toilet roll

I managed to get 13 phones almost straight away, and although I don't usually count when I get lots of phones, usually going straight to sending contacts, I'm going to make the effort from now on to beat it!

After a few successful sends, a few Nokia beeps and a lot of Unknowns, I retired to the crampt cafe with my family. Whilst tucking into my pizza I scanned and found six or seven devices, including two 6600s a couple of T6XXs, and a few named.

No-one was moving around, so I methodically sent a message to all of them apart from the 6600s, and my family seemed strangely interested! Once I'd finished sending one contact to each person without getting any beeps or obvious reactions, I went back to eating. My family looked around for people briefly, but then gave up as well.

A few minutes later a man brought his food to the table right next to ours and placed his phone next to it, before going back to get some cutlery. There sat a nice, shiny 6310i.

Scanned, found... waited for him to sit down... sending, at which point I quietly said, "Listen for the beep!" ... sent...


I'm still not sure why people set their Nokias to full volume! My family couldn't help grinning, and were impressed enough with the noise it made, and he was far too close and was looking all over the place for who had sent it. I waited until I had finished and we were getting ready to leave. I created "Nice salad?" to go with his chosen meal, and he'd just about given up when I was taking my food to the bins behind him and I sent the second.

Off the beeps went again, making everyone look over at him, and he was looking all over the place. I told my family what I'd sent and they thought it was hilarious! I don't think I'd ever explained properly what I do when bluejacking, and they've rarely seen me do it to such effect!

Anyway, that was satisfying enough! Simple, yet satisfying.







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