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Bluejacking Stories

Location: Australia | Date: December 20th 2004
Posted by: B0mBjAcK | Bluejackers device: Unknown

Well it has taken a while to do a successful bluejack here in Australia, but I kept at it and today it paid off.

I was on the train, which is usually pretty packed by the time I get on at 5:45-6:15pm, and by packed I mean like people are standing in all 6 carriages, on the way home from work (yaay I got a job I like!!).

After I found a seat and sat down I thought that the train was fairly full, full of BJing targets, so I did a scan and found a SE K700i to which I sent the message "Nice phone!". Data sent! Yaay that's the first time in ages that I got a sucsessful BJ! What's more I could actually see the bluejackee, a middle aged buisness man in a grey suite :-D He pulled out his phone and looked at it: his expression, or lack of, wasn't very obvious so I thought that it might not be him. I sent another message, "Pawned!", a few seconds after I sent it the same guy pulled out his phone and looked at it for half a minute then put it back. It wasn't hard to stop myself from smiling or even laughing, though I did grin on the walk home.

All in all I would say that it was satisfying, just being able to see the receiver, next time I'll have some fun. It just goes to show that us Australians can have fun bluejacking too!







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