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Bluejacking Stories

Location: Birmingham | Date: -
Posted by: homersbrain | Bluejackers device: Palm Tungsten PDA

Earlier this year when I was at the Autosport Exhibition at the NEC (going again in Jan), I was explaining to my mate about bluejacking, so I thought I'd demonstrate using bluejacking software on my Tungsten PDA.

We were standing near a mobile phone hands free stand when we did a search using the Tungsten. Around 16 phones were listed; we waited a few seconds while they were identified... one name caught our eye in particular... Petta Solberg, the World Rally Champion! :-D I looked around but couldn't see him - he may have been in one of the many enclosed stands nearby. So what did I send? 'You drive like a girl'. Shame I didn't see his reaction but it certainly made me and my mate laugh!







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