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Bluejacking Stories

Location: Unknown | Date: 21st December 2004
Posted by: NPD | Bluejackers device: Unknown

Note: Not an 'average' bluejacking story... but read on, read on...

I had to go to a supermarket yesterday. I was not in a hurry and I tried to spend my time most (un)usefully. (read: bluejacking)

Did a few bluejacks, unfortunately didn't get any visuals.

The funny part is that they hung empty paper boxes up as some kind of Christmas decoration. One of the boxes was hung in a carefully measured place... hung in the path which an average bluejacker would take; bluejackers who are too busy bluejacking instead of watching out for obstacles in their path!

You guessed it: I banged my head on that box. Twice! Did not bother to look back what it was on the second time, I already knew. I thought: damn bluejackers! LOL!







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