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Bluejacking Stories

Location: Unknown | Date: - 22nd March 2004
Posted by: Dangermouse | Bluejackers device: Sony Ericsson T610

Today I found a device and sent it my normal contact (Name: Dangermouse, and the bluejackQ web address).
The conversation between the guy and his girlfriend is as follows:

GIRL: You've got a message.
GUY: Oh yeah!
GIRL: Who's it from?
GUY: I don't know
GIRL: Well have a look
GUY: It doesn't say
GIRL: It must do.
GUY: It doesn't. Hey, its put 'Dangermouse' in my address book.
GIRL: Dangermouse?
GUY: Yeah. must have sent it.
GIRL: I wonder how they did that?!

At this point I then attempt to send him the Dangermouse midi file. A few minutes later I hear the familar theme tune of Dangermouse and have to bite my tongue to stop myself laughing!!!! :-D







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