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Bluejacking Stories

Location: Alban Arena | Date: April 16th 2004
Posted by: Kinkydan | Bluejackers device: Sony Ericsson T610

Okay, so last night I went to see Dylan Moran at the Alban Arena - St. Albans' main theatre.. little did I know it would be the setting for the best bluejack I've ever had!!

In the lobby beforehand, I started looking for people to 'jack, and got an S55, P900 and T610. All sent nice n quickly, but I didn't hear any beeps or see any reactions, although it was starting to get crowded as more people arrived. So we decided to head into the main arena to find our seats, which were in the circle at the top, right in the front row.

After a few minutes as more people came in, I did another scan with my T610. A few phones came up, including "Erixon T610", so I sent another "I can see you!" to that, re-scanned, found and sent to a Nokia 6310i... no beeps, and I still couldn't see anyone looking at their phones.

So I started another scan, and not only did I get five phones, the last icon was a computer! I thought someone must have their laptop out, or in a bag in standby mode with bluetooth on or something. I waited for the name to come up, but it only came up with "Unknown". So instead I got my PDA out, to see what that could come up with.

This is what I saw:

So I started sending the message to the computer... It waited a bit, then connected. Then it waited a bit longer... then it sent!

I wasn't expecting to see or hear anything, but I was satisfied with the knowledge that it got through. I went back to chatting with the people I was with, and then after about thirty seconds, looked at the projection screen on the stage that had some sketch on it that was obviously to do with Dylan's performance. But it wasn't anymore. It had changed. Instead of just a picture, it was the Mac desktop view, with different windows... including one that said:

"Bluetooth contact received:

danny w

I Can See You.vcf"!!!!! :-D :-D :-D

I immediately told the three friends I was with, and we all started pissing ourselves! It was just so funny!! Other people in the audience started looking at the screen trying to work out what was going on, and the screen wasn't changing!

So I created "Hello Alban Arena!!", and started to send that! Waiting... connected... sent!

I was going to send a picture of the view from my seat or something else I had in my phone's gallery to see if that would come up, but my friends reminded me that they already had my name (well, "danny w") and might be pissed off when they realise what I'd done already! So I decided to wait for a bit, because I didn't really want to get kicked out!

Just a few minutes before he came on, someone obviously noticed that the screen had changed, and I saw a mouse pointer darting around the screen trying to work out what was going on! They started playing about with some whirly thing on the bottom left that had a Bluetooth icon on it, but the projector wasn't showing the whole screen, so I couldn't really see. I'm sure a Mac user knows what I'm talking about though!

I did think it was probably best not to send anything else, especially if they did have any kind of knowledge about Bluetooth! Also, by what they were doing with the Bluetooth icon, I thought they might have turned it off anyway. I waited until the end to send another message, but that still managed to get through, so I could have just halted the whole performance if I'd wanted to!

Anyway, it was a great performance, and a great bit of Bluejacking! And everyone in the pub afterwards thought it was hilarious!







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