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Bluejacking Stories

Location: Chester | Date: -
Posted by: sx1h4x0r | Bluejackers device: Unknown

Howdy people! I've been bluejackin' for a while now. My best story had to be with this guy in Chester.

Me and two other friends were scanning in town and we picked this guy up. I sent him a message sayin' "help me! im stuck in a wall". I managed to spot the guy we sent it to and he kept looking around trying to see what was going on. We followed him for a bit and sent him another message saying "Nice jacket mate". He started walking off quite fast after that :-D

We finally found him again and he was in a store, he looked quite worried so I thought I'd end it in style and sent him a simple "You've been bluejacked" message. That put a smile back on his face!







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