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Bluejacking Stories

Location: Derby | Date: December 2004
Posted by: Prosody | Bluejackers device: Nokia 7600

I was sat in the Standing Order pub in Derby two nights ago, being the busy town pub it is there were quite a number of people. I sat in a booth at the back texting someone when all of a sudden...

*BEEP!* '
Do you wish to recieve contact?'

It caught me off guard and I thought I'd pressed something wrong... then I realised. I'd left my Bluetooth on after sending someone some ringtones.

So I pressed yes and the words "Hello stranger..." appeared along with "How are you?"

I quickly made a contact simply saying "Fine thanks and you?" and sent it to 'Hello Stranger'.

Looking around me I was in the no smoking area which meant it wasn't all that busy and mostly was older couples having meals. However, directly to my right about 6 metres away two youngish (and really hot!) girls were playing with their phones... showing each other videos on them etc... hmmm but no obvious reaction came from them to my reply and no reply came back.

I gave it 20 minutes and then decided to find out once and for all.

I sent an animated GIF of the Tiger from the Kenya toon over at Weebls stuff; tres cute; then I looked over trying not to stare too much.

The brunette of the pair took her phone looked at it and then went... "Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!" and started giggling before showing it to her friend who mimicked her.

I took that as proof, so positive and content to leave an air of cute enigma I sipped my drink and walked off into the night to come home and log onto this site.

I think I have the bluejacking bug again now.







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