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Bluejacking Stories

Location: Trains from Watford to London | Date: -
Posted by: Kinkydan | Bluejackers device: HP Ipaq 1940

Back to Thursday and my journey from Watford to London!

On the train from Watford, did a scan, ready to send "I can see you!" and was pretty certain it would come up with a few, as it was a 5.45pm train into London! Found a 6310i, two T610s and a PDA! Went for the 6310i for the easy hit to start with... Sent, but no beep. The girl sitting next to me had a T610, so I deliberately selected the T610 that came up lower down the list in the hope that it wouldn't be hers! I didn't see anyone looking at their phone, but could see it wasn't the girl.

I then shifted my attention to the PDA-owner. He must have moved, or just started fiddling with it, because I could now see him behind the glass separator tapping away on some kind of Dell PDA. He had headphones plugged in, so it could have been that it had been in a pocket previously. I sent a message, which was accepted, but he didn't seem to react, or change his tapping rhythm as if he was puzzled. It may have been that his PDA was set to the auto-accepting, no notification setting. Got a pretty good picture though when he moved to a seat later!

Now on the Victoria line, heading South from Euston, I was standing in a reasonably busy carriage, so I started a scan straight away. A single 6310i came up, so I selected and sent - confirmed, but no beep.

After a couple of moments re-scanning trying to find someone else, I overheard the guys directly behind me (less than a couple of feet!) talking about something on his phone. Ah-ha! The first guy was accusing his mate of sending him my message! The second man was obviously denying it, showing him that his A835's Bluetooth was switched off - so he must have had some idea of what was going on! I discreetly moved one place down in my list of contacts to "I still see you!", and sent the message... "Stop it! I know it's you!" the guy started saying to his friend!

So I thought I'd get the clincher. As he was starting to suspect other passengers at this point, but still not believing his friend, I had to be extra discreet. I managed to press the buttons to go into my contacts and create a new entry, then type out "Not him!", save it, select it, and press 4, 3 (Send, via Bluetooth) all in my pocket!! I only got it out a couple of inches to check I'd spelled the message correctly and that I'd selected it properly later on! So when that got through, he was going mad!! They were just pissing themselves with laughter! The other passengers in front of me obviously knew it was me, looking at my hand and then to the guys!

Anyway, we got off the train at the same stop, and I noticed the guy was holding an MSI CD-Writer box, and remembered that I'd seen him on the train coming from Watford! So I probably got the same guy with the 6310i back then!

I wanted to send another message, but I was standing directly behind them on the escalators, and they were starting to look at me funny every time I got my phone out! So I got a lousy picture, which you can see below, and despite trying to make eye contact when they'd gone through the barriers to leave the station, they were already out of sight.

One last quickie - on the way back, I found a 6310i on the tube out of Leicester Square, and identified the owner as a big guy in a Parka jacket. Sent him the usual couple of messages, and "Behind you!" but by this point, the rhythm of;

Boy gets out phone. Presses buttons. Puts phone in pocket. Other man's phone beeps. He looks at it funny, then puts it in his pocket. Boy gets out phone... etc

was getting pretty obvious to the other passengers (except the guy I was bluejacking!) and although I had my headphones plugged into my PDA and my head, I had it paused so I could hear the beeps. So I could tell when these other passengers were saying "It's him, yeah?" nodding at me, and then pointing at the guy I was Bluejacking. So I just grinned and uunpaused my PDA, more in the mood for Japanese pop-punk than for Bluejacking a guy who didn't really seem to care!

Well that was more of a long story than a short one... oh well!

I need to go to London more! I want more tubejacking!







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